Here are some answers to the common questions we are always asked. If you don't see your question below, give us a call and we would love to answer it for you.

  • Can we bring alcohol?

    As long as everyone is over the age of 21, you can bring as much alcohol as you want. We don't provide you with any. If there are those under the age of 21, you cannot have any alcohol on the buses.

  • Can we smoke on the buses?

    You cannot smoke on our buses. Smoke stays around for awhile and we like for all our customers to be able to enjoy a clean bus. You do have unlimited stops so if you need to take a smoke break, let your driver know and they'll pull over when it's safe to do so.

  • Can I cancel our reservation?

    Once you have paid your deposit, you will have to pay for the service whether you use it or not. That's why we ask you if you are sure you would like to make the reservation. You cannot change the date of your reservation. But depending on availability, there is a slight chance that you might be able to move the time or change the vehicle.

  • Do we have to tip our driver?

    Tipping is not required. They do not survive off tips. Tipping is just a great way to show them that you enjoyed the service they provided you. When a driver is tipped, they are tipped anywhere around $50-100.

  • What happens if we were to keep the limousine longer than we meant to?

    There's absolutely no reason for you to be a clock watcher when you're traveling with Limousine Baltimore. We do not charge any additional fees for keeping the bus longer. You're charged the same hourly rate, charged in 15 minute increments, for as long as you have the limousine. We will never charge you for more time than you actually use, and you'll never find any awful hidden fees on your bill at the end of the night.

  • Are there any other fees that we should be aware of?

    There are very few fees that we ever charge our customers, and the ones that may be applicable to you will be discussed up-front when you call or email us. The main example would be a surcharge for traveling well outside of our service area, which is something that you'd be very aware of ahead of time, and something we'd certainly discuss well in advance.

  • Are you licensed and insured?

    We're required by law to have all the necessary insurance and permits, and we make sure to keep everything current, as well as being completely transparent by sharing all of our documentation with our customers upon request.

  • We want to bring music to listen to on the trip. What kind of audio capabilities do your limousines have?

    All of our party buses have both CD player capabilities and iPod/Aux hookups, so you are more than welcome to bring your favorite CDs or all of your playlists to enjoy! Some of our party buses also feature HDTVs with DVD players, so you may want to bring some of your favorite movies along as well.

  • Can we bring kids or young adults under 18 or 21 into the limo?

    If your trip is alcohol-free, you can bring all ages of guests with you. If you're stocking our built-in bars with alcohol, we're sorry but you'll have to only invite guests that are 21 and up.

  • We are heading to the Fort Myers airport, do you have any suggestions for us at our travel destination?

    Great question! We're making new friends in the industry all of the time as we brainstorm new ways to network. So, if you're going to another part of the country, let us know and we can possibly get you introduced to another great party bus company like Washington Party Bus.